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8K MOUDYALARBE Vladimir Putin | 2021 

Channel Official Moudy Alarbe:



Artist : Moudy Al-Arbe

Prod by : Dahab

Director: El Haram

Executive Manager : Abed Kilani

Production : DeiriVision x Akelys Production Production Manager: Omar Deiri https://www.instagram.com/deiriomar/

Director Assistant: Isra Hanim

Director Assistant 2 : Rasha Hamed

Location Manger : Emad

Art Works : Ahmad Sarhan & Omar Ashraf

Logistics: Fahed Husari

Stylist : Ahmad Abu Alrub

Hair dresser : Mouaiad Alsakka

Equipments : Youssef

Special thanks : Illiam Big thanks to king of Kassel city : sharef Koblawi

MASRAHYA | Music Video |


Channel Official Moudy Alarbe

Actor: Omar Meslmani 
Makeup : Farah Hamsho
Production: Omar Deiri


Omar Meslmani - Baklava (official music video 4K)

Credits: Omar Meslmani Baklava

Cast: Gina Sibila - Omar meslmani

Inspired by: Hussein Al Jasmi Bont el Areed

German Lyrics and performance by: Omar Meslmani Prod.by. Phares

Video Production: Deiri Vision

Recorded.by: Skimarc

Production :Omar Deiri

Editing: Ali Bayazeed

Directed by: Mohamed Isso

Co Director: Ali Bayazeed DOP Zain Sansoul Camera & Lights :Zain Sansoul

Public Relations: Omar Deiri

Coloring: Mohamed Isso Ali Bayazeed Location Management: Omar Deiri - Emadof - Ali bayazeed

Dancing Art: Gina Sibielia

Make up by: Farah Blog

Special thanks Abdulrahman Alajati - Ammar Sallum

To Beirut - Ali Biazed 

A song that talks about the reality in the Arab world in general, cool and peace to you, Lebanon, Syria and the Arab world in general.